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Is It For You?

If you’ve never driven a van before then you may want to consider a few things before buying one. Remember it can be very different to driving you everyday car, and CO2 emissions may well be higher.

We know it can be a difficult decision parting with your cash when thinking about the purchase of a van, so here at Internet Van Sales we’ve considered what we think you need to know and put together a few pointers that you might want to take note of before you sign on the dotted line.

Bigger – A van is generally considerably bigger than your average road car, and this is going to equate to a different driving experience. It might be more difficult manoeuvring a big van around if you are used to a Ford Ka.

Parking – following on from the previous point, a bigger van will mean more difficult parking. If you haven’t driven a van before and you’re set on buying one then maybe you should practice parking before you get too confident. Without a rear view mirror things are made even more difficult.

Slower – remember that a van obviously weighs a fair bit more than your average car, so don’t expect to accelerate as quick. Sure, in a Ferrari FF you might have no trouble shooting off at the traffic lights as they go green, but don’t expect it to be quite the same in a large Used Fiat Doblo.